It’s not your doing

If you are succeeding,
You have no right to boast;
Don’t claim it’s your doing;
It’s not your doing;
What can you, on your own, do?
It’s God’s doing;
100% God’s doing;
All success comes from God;
When He wills it,
You succeed;
And He wills it when you respect
The prescription he has given
For success;
When you deviate from it,
Of course, you will fail;
Which means you have fallen
Into the evil hands of the devil;
Where everything is failure.
This is what you need to get clearly;
If you do, fine;
Especially if you put the knowledge
Into action as required;
So, you know it once and for all;
Your success does not come from you;
Or your success will not come from you, whether big or small;
It is not your doing;
It is God’s doing;
God’s doing alone;
Your success, however big,
However small, comes from God.
It is not,
And never will be your doing.

9 thoughts on “It’s not your doing

  1. Well said.It also reminds me C.S.Lewis humerous quote “There is no neutral ground in the Universe:Every square inch,Every split second, is claimed by God and counter claimed by Satan”
    C.S.Lewis English Novelist. But my worry is why should a good person be under constant fear of being influenced by bad person.I always wished to get answer from God

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