New: “We grow you grow” challenge

Hello friends! We are launching our new challenge:

We grow you grow challenge.

That is what blogging should be. Help us grow and we help you grow.

In this challenge, we will put up a number of activities a day and ask you to carry out those that you like.

These activities will demand that you like a post and leave something in the comment box. In return, we will visit your site, read, like and leave a comment.

This challenge is out to promote the concept of give and take. If we give good things, good things will come to us. If we give love, love will come to us. If we give comments. We will receive comments. Wao! How sweet!

This is a win win game. We need this in the world. There’s enough for everybody. You win, I win.

Isn’t that sweet?

Let’s be on our way and make a difference in our little corner.

We grow you grow challenge


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