Blue Love


A deep longing.

That’s how I feel right now.



Just a thought of you

makes me want to be

with you.

Just a thought of you

makes me go weak

in my knees.


So far away you are;

yet so close to my heart.

Your absence

tortures me,

tests me.

This torture,

too intense to bear.


compared to the love

you give me,

this torture is



This love we share;

It’s so blue.

Filled with longing

and yearning,

for each other;

yet, so passionate.


I will never

give up on you,

on us.

Please do the same

as me,

and wait.

Someday, I’ll be in

your arms,

looking into

your eyes,

for you’ll be looking

into mine.




Another poem that I wrote today

You’re mine; I’m yours



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