Be a winner

Be a winner;
Don’t be a loser;
A winner wins;
A loser losses;
It’s good to win
Not to lose;
That is why I say,
Be a winner;
Be a good winner;
A champion winner;
Win trophies;
Win medals;
Be a winner.


6 thoughts on “Be a winner

  1. Win your victories, count your blessings in the battles you weather, but be wary of pride as you scale the mountain presses at your breast, fore there lie devils in the rock unannounced & unseen; and, it may be even said, that within your losses lie angels to hail in future victories upon the same field which left you in defeat. No lessons can be had if victory is constant, leaving the gates opened to an unforeseen defeat, which falls absolute, down upon your past victories along with the mountain…
    …burying even the very memory of the champion’s former glory.
    🦉-B.M. STRIX .

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