SIWO Global News 21st May 2018 #35

Knowledge is Wealth

The Grenfell Inquiry

The Grenfell Inquiry began with 72 seconds silence.  There were harrowing stories and the sadness of the survivors and relatives could be felt.

Rail Time Table

Many passengers were totally confused and unhappy at the changes to rail times.  Southern and other services were affected.

Lava and sea water mix is toxic

This mixture is causing concern on the big island in Hawaii. Corrosive ‘laze’, that is a word made up of lava and haze,  is a mixture of hydrochloric acid, steam, fumes and fine specks of glass.  A storage centre where dangerous gases are kept has been emptied to prevent even more dangerous substances filling the atmosphere.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

The annual RHS Chelsea Flower Show started the first day with a visit by the Queen and some members of the Royal Family.  This is the biggest event in horticultural calender where gardeners and florist from all corners of the world culminate to show off what they’ve  been working on the whole year or years.  A peony was named after Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, her husband the Duke had a flower too.

Inspirational Story/Royal Wedding Cellist

Awesome Young Cellist Sheku lifts up a nation’s  spirits on 22nd May 2016/ Sierra Leone Telegraph

Sheku Kannen-Mason played the cello and wonderfully filled St George’s Chapel and our homes and spaces we were in,  with his music as we watched the Royal Wedding.  Some had already heard him play in person or seen him on television, notably  when he won  BBC Young Musician Award in 2016.

Since then he and his siblings have also made appearances in many places including the Proms and Britain Got  Talent.  One particular country, Sierra Leone, which had until recently was known for negative news of corrupt politicians, poverty and Ebola received a boost via the connection of Sheku’s mother.  His mother is originally from Sierra Leone and his father from Antigua.

On the 22nd May 2016 the article with the title, ” This is Britain’s most talented family – they are of Sierra Leonean-Caribbean origin” appeared in the Sierra Leone Telegraph.

Abdul shared, that this story should  make all Sierra Leoneans proud for this good talent it gave the world, and if corrupt politicians would give each citizen a chance  to harness their God given potential, more good talent would be seen.  The reporter, Abdul Rashid Thomas had read Jenny Johnson’s UK Daily Mail story published on 21st May 2016.   It was about 17-year old Sheku, the first black person to win the BBC Young Musician.

Sheku, at that time was also taking the AS exams at the comprehensive Catholic school he attended in Nottingham.  His six talented siblings who were all under 20 years are top musicians too, most to grade eight level.   His proud parents said “sheer hard work” was the reason for their children’s success and not the prodigy theory people talked about.  Their first child, Isata, was bright and they wanted something more for her to do.  She start piano lessons, she learnt the pieces extremely well and quickly.  The siblings followed suit in the same vein of golden talent.

Financially, Kadie the ex-university lecturer and Stuart her business manager husband say they have to live modestly to afford the lessons, travelling and other costs involved.  The  kindness of a luthier called Frank White got them a loan of the instruments needed.   Their house is taken over by music and musical instruments.  Their school, lical council and others have been of help.  The siblings practise their instruments  because they love to.  Sheku and three wake up at 4.30 a.m. on Saturdays to get the train to London for classess at the junior school of the Royal Academy of Music.  Sheku is happy to be a role model for black kids, more are taking up musical instruments.  He also performs with Europe’s first professional black and ethnic minority orchestra called Chinekel Orchestra.


Content from BBC, Radio Times, Sierra Leone Telegraph, Daily Mail.


Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful




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