You’ve amazed me

Do you know what you’ve done?
Do you know how you’ve amazed me?
You’ve just said something that
Has touched my heart;
You’ve just said something that
Has made me crazy about you;
Right now, my heart is glowing
With the fire of love for you;
You don’t know what you’ve done;
How comes you are so sweet
As I see in your words?
To say the least, I am amazed.
With you in my life, there’s no
Other thing I need.
You are everything to me;
My most precious gift;
My love, my sweetheart, my honey;
I thank God for you.
May everything you look at shine!
Including the soil on which you walk;
May everyone you meet be blessed!
And may you, forever, be blessed!

Inspiration for this poem came from a comment on my site by Oladewa Laura. Thank you, Laura.

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