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NHS needs £2000 extra per household a year to function properly

The experts  from the Institute of Fiscal Studies and Health Foundation issued a joint statement that the use of getting the money from government is no more possible.

The welfare of au pairs is necessary after the murder of Sophie Lionnet.

The brutal murder of au pair by her employers, the very people whose children she cared for.  This case has she sent shock waves in the au pair world.   It seems there are no protection, legal or pastoral rights for  au pairs in the UK or in countries around the world.   Au pairs in London and their supporters have called for employment regulations and rights to help them keep safe.

Prince William to go on first historic  official visit to Israel and Palestine

As part of his Middle East your Prince William is to visit Israel and Palestine.  The news was welcome by the nations in the area.  This is the first time an invitation from the Israeli government has been accepted by the Royal Family.   Prince Charles and the Duke of Gloucester have been to Israel on private visits, this is different.  Hopefully it will be a prompt to peace and understanding between Israel and Palestine.

Inspirational Story

An Olympic Alpine Skier who never gave up.

Olympic athletes have inspiring stories too and one of them is Vonn,  she missed the Socchi Olympics.   Since 2012 the USA athlete and alpine skier has suffered  and her recovery from serious injuries like knee injury, arm fracture and back injury.  Such dedication and determination paid off and she became the oldest athlete at 33 to win a World Cup downhill race.


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