What is your advice?

Your advice or opinion will be highly appreciated.

1. There are many people who are not getting married because they are scared of marriage. What advice do you have for such people?

2. I see serious friction and outright hatred between many step mothers and step sons and daughters. Why so? What can be done to avoid such friction or hatred?

You may answer one or both.

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  1. 2. I have a step dad and my dad has a girlfriend. I believe there is friction between stepmoms/dads and the kids because the kids are used to seeing their parents treated a certain way by their other parent. (Us kids cherish and hold on to the perfect family moments) From personal experience, there is friction between me and the step dad and the girlfriend because I see them being rude to my mom or dad who I love a lot. So it irks me because I see it as a random person (because there’s no relationship between me and this new person that has entered my parents life) being disrespectful to my parents. I am still nice to them, but I keep my distance and stand my ground when needed.

    • I do understand you. I doubt if my feeling would be different from yours given the same circumstances. I really do not support some one coming into a stable family and trying to destabilize it. However, considering human frailty, we can always forgive them. Then coming to your case, I learned that what you cannot change you accept. Your father is given to you by God. You cannot change that. If he has done what he has done, since you cannot stop him, you have to do the best you can to cope with it. It will be hard and so you pray hard for the grace to manage it in a way the is right to God our creator.

  2. First reply : People who are scared for getting married because of the experience and sufferings they have seen their loved ones are facing. Moerever the life is one it’s better to lead life which gives you happiness .

    Second reply : Parents are parents. If the child is not from mothers womb than doesnt that child deserves love. I don’t see adding word step in any relationship. The friction can be removed when parents show love and trust in their children and help children remove the fear of step word relationship they have in their mind.

  3. coming to marriage, i will say is even i’m one among those who doesn’t want to marry not because i’m scared but few personal reasons and not to get dominated by mail…..
    and to the 2nd point- not to mention but i too am a exmaple of this but i’m blessed with her love and affection of her and she is much much better mom !!!

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