Mind…..conscience !!

You may be in the jungle, but your mind may wander in the market. Similarly, you may be in the market, but by sadhana (spiritual practices) you can secure calmness and peace in your heart in the midst of busiest thoroughfare.

Your mind can build a silent refuge or tie you up into complex knots. It binds; it loosens bonds. You can sail safe on the sea of worldly life  , if you have no leaks in the boat; but through the leaks of lust, anger, greed, delusion, pride and envy, the waters of the worldly life will enter the boat and it will sink, drowning you beyond redemption. Stop all the leaks! Then you need not fear to ride in the sea of worldly pleasures, you can benefit by all the chances it gives for training the senses, by widening your affection, deepening the experiences, and strengthening your detachment….


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