Can anyone become a legend

Can anyone become a legend?

Are some people born to be legends while others are not?

Can anyone become great?

Are some people born to be great

While others are not?

Can anyone become a superstar?

Are some people born to become superstars while others are not?

Hear me answer you:

Anyone can become a legend;

You can become a legend;

Anyone can become great;

You can become great;

Anyone can become a superstar;

You can become a superstar.

Nothing can stop you

If you are determined enough;

Nobody can stop you

If you are determined enough;

Obstacles there will be,

But obstacles, you can overcome.

But what does it take

To become great?

To become a superstar?

To become a legend?

Service is my answer;

It takes service to people;

Selflessly serve people

In a way that touches their hearts;

And you become their hero;

The more you serve,

The more you touch their hearts,

The greater you become;

Keep on going and one day

You will become a superstar;

You will become a legend;

It’s not magic at all.

Become great my good friend;

Become a superstar;

Become a legend;

Choose what service you want

To render to humanity;

Stick to it;

Keep on serving;

Overcome obstacles and keep on;

One day you will smile broadly;

That you went for it and had it.


5 thoughts on “Can anyone become a legend

  1. Old notion of if a person is born to be something or are they made…
    Everyone was born to live not to become a legend, superstar,leader, it is a journey that most cannot complete…

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