SIWO Global News 3rd June 2018 #48

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Remembrance for London Bridge victims

The Remembrance Service was held at Southwark Cathedral, for the victims of the London Bridge terrorist attack last year. After the service there was a minute silence at Borough Market where further attacks had taken place. Relatives and friends gathered together to pray, sing and remember their lost loved ones. Traders in the market were resolute in their determination to carry on and not be intimidated by the experience.

Volcan de Fuego erupts in Guatemala-west of the

Volcan de Fuego meaning Volcano of Fire erupted on Sunday about 7pm in Guatemala. Situated 25 miles south west of the capital, Guatemala City, the ash and covered everything very quickly. The lava came down onto their villages and streets before anyone had a chance of escape. 7 people are reported dead and fears exist for two villages. El Rodeo, which is feared buried under ash and lava and La Libertad cannot be reached.

Protesters on night vigil against Tax rises in Jordan

The Jordanian capital Amman saw the 3rd night of vigil against tax rises and austerity measures backed by the International Monetary Fund ( IMF). Protesters were faced with Police who used tear gas on them and blocked roads leading to the Cabinet Office. Shouting anti-government slogans, the protesters called on King Abdullah to sack the Prime Minister Hani Mulli.

In provincial towns like Maan, protesters have been burning tyres on the highway and scuffles with police ensued. Police have used tear gas over there too. Fears that these measures will affect the poor and middle class more energised these protests. Prices would rise, especially as subsidies for bread had been cut and fuel prices is set to increase while salaries did not. King Abdullah intervened to freeze the fuel prices.

Inspirational Story

Good people and supportive teachers

Zoe Starliife was in her fifth grade when her school backpack was stolen from her Dad’s car. She was heart-broken for lost school work and the notebooks full of completed stories and others she was developing. The tests rolled down her face for up to an hour.

Next day she went to school empty-handed and told her teacher what had happened. Her 5th grade teacher, Miss Taylor was sweet, kind and understanding and gave her a new folder. She even wrote Zoe’s name in a special font on a paper for the front of the folder. Zoe was meant to colour it in but she didn’t quite get to doing it ever. Why?

Later that day, Miss Taylor received a phone call from the principal’s office. She announced, “Zoe, a miracle has happened and your folder has been found. Zoe run to the office for her folder. Although the thief had her backpack, he had emptied it of all its precious items. The person who found it and brought it to the school also left an envelope with $20 in it saying, “I’m sorry all your stuff got stolen, I hope this helps.”

Zoe was even more shocked and pleased to get the money, left for her to buy more school stuff. A kindness and reassuring act to cement her faith in goodness of people and teachers. She looks at her name on the piece of paper and though it is not coloured in, it is a reminder of Miss Taylor. I am sure there are a million like Mis Taylor and the person who found Zoe’s backpack and gave her a gift of $20.


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