Prayer for today

O God of heaven and earth;
God of the universe;
God of all nations;
God of all peoples;
O God of our fathers;
Who can ever appreciate you
Enough for your wonderful
Love for us;
You continue
To keep us alive;
Many have gone ahead;
But here we are,
Unworthy as we are;
What are we without you?
Even flies and ants and maggots
Will be more than us;
Grant us the wisdom
To make you number one
In our lives;
I mean the center of our lives;
Where there is darkness,
Give us light;
Where there’s no hope,
Fill our hearts with hope;
Where our faith is shaky,
Make it steady, firm and hard
Like a rock;
And where we are in need,
Supply our needs;
Protect us from all evil ones;
And keep our hearts and minds
Focused on you;
Send us your angels
To accompany us wherever we go;
May the Holy Spirit be our source
Of strength and wisdom!
Today, and for all times, amen!


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