The pen keeps flowing

I write, I write, I write;
On one day, I write many posts;
Short, and simple posts, I write;
No pains to read; no stress at all;
Yet,only the best aren’t bored
By so many posts flowing in;
More or less like a river they flow;
Yet, no option do I have but,
To pour it out of me;
To free the way for the spring
To keep on flowing down,;
Those that like it; like it;
We can’t have everybody with us;
Those who like us will stay;
Those who don’t will not;
That is well and good for us.
Gratititude to you friends;
Who are with us day and night;
May God abundantly bless you!

9 thoughts on “The pen keeps flowing

  1. Much as I appreciate the muse when she deigns to appear, the bills still need paying. The life of a lonely writer living in a garret is not one I find appealing. Much as I enjoy the romanticism of writing it seems difficult to get it to pay in this internet age where everything comes for free. To write is wonderful. How much more fun if someone would pay you for doing it!

    • We are all learning and exploring ways of making our writing enable us put bread on our table. I know with time, things will not be as free as they are and people will have to earn from their writing. These are my expectations. But we must make sure we master the art of writing to be competitive.

        • Hahaha! I wish we could easily change the world. There are things like this that I wish were the opposite but it is so hard. The young person who shuns competition because he thinks people should rather cooperate will sooner or later find that he has no voice because he will be considered inconsequential and no one to pay attention to him. He may even be trampled upon. In our present world the only way to make your self noticed and listened to is to be competitive. You have to be competitive even to get others to cooperate with you. Take a simple thing like blogging. If you don’t have a blog that is competitive (stands out), nobody will cooperate with you to take it forward. If you have the spirit to support what others do, of course, your support will go to the one who looks more deserving of support, which means the one who is competitive. Hahaha! Just friendly reflections.

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