Why go for bronze?

I want to strike gold!
I want to strike high,
How am I going to do it?
I am still figuring out;
Give me time to think;
Or tell me if you know;
I want to strike really high;
I want to hit the ceiling;
Or call it the jackpot;
I dream big;
I don’t dream small;
And why should I?
I was not born for small dreams;
I was born for big things;
You too were born for big things;
But if you choose to go for small,
That’s your problem;
I am for no small thing but for big;
My eyes are on a golden crown;
And I want to assure you,
I will wear it.
I recommend that too for you.
Don’t go for silver;
Not even for bronze;
Go straight for gold!
That one fits you best;
And make sure, today or tomorrow,
That you wear it.


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