Shine on friend

Shine on friend,

Shine on Dana Bicks;

You bring us honor;

See how you shine;

See how through you

We shine;

Your joy is our joy;

Your honor, our honor;

Shine on;

Right away

You stand

On your spring board;

Congratulations Dana Bicks

Take off for the universe;

We are on your wings.


6 thoughts on “Shine on friend

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  2. I just found this poem, my friends at Success Inspirers’ World! I’m so humbled and honored you wrote this for me! You bring me to tears! I would like to share this with everyone on my blog too! Your site has helped to push me to a huge international following and I’m so grateful! Because of everyone’s prayers and support, I’m happy to say my first book is FINALLY in copyediting mode!! We expect it to be released in August and only God could have made this happen.

    Besides sharing this miracle, we were contacted by our President’s wife, Melania Trump, as well as the famous pastor, Joel Osteen, and I’m so honored of their notes. Truly I say to you, God has blessed me with such a wonderful gift and wonderful friends like you!

    God bless you all and thank you so much! Dana Bicks

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