Prayer or luck?

Is your family a lucky family?What makes it a lucky family?
Or not a lucky family?
Do you believe in luck
Or in prayers?
Are you a lucky person
Or a prayer person?
A lucky person believes in luck;
A prayer person in prayer;
Do your blessings come from God
Or from good luck?
While some people believe in luck,
Others don’t;
They say what appears to be luck,
Is the hand work of God;
That blessings come in response To prayer;
Or God’s inexplicable goodness;
Prayer, they say, is the key;
The solution to every problem;
The only way to move God’s heart,
To do things for us;
Nothing to do with luck;
Well, it’s not an easy debate;
Many are lost;
Who understands?
Why not enlighten the rest;
Or simply tell us:
What is your own understanding
Of the issue of prayer and luck??


6 thoughts on “Prayer or luck?

  1. Walk the Talk.. Talk the Walk. if you walk the way of Jesus, not just talk it. There is more to having Faith then just Church service on Sunday, it is a 7 day a week commitment.

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