Blogger of the week – Sharing God’s story

Make me believe that God is there,

make my fear go away.

Let not my faith sink, coz I know he is there,

He is there to hold me, to take care of me, to move me ahead in life.

But surrounded I am with an unknown fear,

A fear which makes my mind and body tear.

I know you exist, I know you care, 

I know you will do what is right when its ‘THE’ time.

But till then show me some light,

guide me through my misty fear.


Today I would like to introduce you to Marshall, who is working hard to keep up with his faith and belief in the existence of the supreme power and more so keeping himself strong with his deteriorating health . Let us join together to make him believe that he is not alone, we all are their praying for him.  His blog Sharing God’s story tell us about his life’s journey and the immense strength he has kept.  The various ups and downs he has seen in life and the faith he gained in his time.

I just want to mention, that fear make us weak, and what we sow is what we reap. And the universe is a big wish granter, as the law of attraction works we get what we think of more. So I always tell me friends to think positive, think and wish for a healthy life, smile often and let your imagination fly. Live your imagination with open eyes and let it come true, may be not tomorrow, may be not day after but it will come true when the time is to prove it through.

Prayers and love for each one of you..  🙂


7 thoughts on “Blogger of the week – Sharing God’s story

    1. I believe sir, ur visit would make a difference.. while writing I was praying and hoping that he is doing fine since the last post was dated somewhere end of May..

      I feel u will be able to share some positive vibes with him..and we do have lot others who can keep him going..thank you once again..

      Liked by 1 person

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