Don’t leave your family

You may quarrel,

Even if you fight,

Don’t leave your family;

It’s your family;


And I don’t even like

All this quarreling

In the family;

What’s the fighting for;

That’s not the reason for family;

Or purpose of family;

Family is meant to be a haven

Of love;

Of joy;

Of happiness;

Of harmony;

Of everything good;

Stop making your family

The devil’s workshop!

That is not correct;

And not fair;

If you have left your family,

I say go back to your family;

If you want to leave

Your family,

I say stop it;

Stay in your family;

And other family members,

Stop promoting hatred

In your family;

Stop causing division

In your family;

Stop being greedy;

Greed kills family unity;

Stop selling family land

And other family property

And mismanaging the money;

What belongs to the family

No one should take alone;

That brings trouble;

Let all these squabbles stop

In the family.

Let love, unity and peace

Enjoy their place

In your family.

War betide you if you cause

Division to come into

Your family;

War betide you if you are

A catalyst of hatred

In your family.

You should be an agent of

Family love;

Family unity;

Family understanding,;

Family peace and harmony;

Let it not be heard that

Your family is in shambles

Because of you.

Instead, you should be hailed

As your family unifier.

And abundantly, God will bless you.


7 thoughts on “Don’t leave your family

  1. thebarefootsub

    Nice in a lot of cases, but I’m a little sad about the message it may give to vulnerable women (and men)

    What about abusive relationships? Should I return to my rapist husband who kicked my infant son in the face?

    Liked by 2 people

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