If you cannot…

If you cannot, you cannot;
Accept it;
Don’t pretend;
If you cannot do a thing,
And are sure and certain
You cannot do it,
Leave it;
Don’t force it;
Things that are forced
Are not good;
They end up bringing trouble;
It is good to stretch your arm
To know how far you can go,
But don’t overdo it;
Know your range;
Know your limit;
And stop there.
Bear in mind that it’s not
Everything that you can do;
We humans have our limits;
Don’t try to fly like a bird
Because you don’t have wings;
And were not meant to fly.
Aim high;
Dream big;
Be ambitious;
Put your eye on
The golden crown;
But once you are sure,
And I mean sure,
That something is above
Your capacity,
Put your hands off it;
Stay clear of it.
Don’t bite
More than you can chew;
And don’t force to chew
What you cannot chew;
You risk teeth destruction.
Be realistic;
Accept reality;
Only a fool tries to go
Against reality;
Wise people go with reality.
But remember every coin
Has two sides;
Let nothing limit you
From soaring to the ends
Of the sky;
If only you see it’s what
You can do.


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