Language power

Do you have the power that the mastery of language confers on someone?

We urge to grow your language power daily by learning a new word or new idiom a day.

Read the following poem:

Stiff upper lip

Do you have the courage
To endure the hardships
Of life?
Do you have the backbone
To stand strong
When the going is rough?
Do you have the stamina
To keep on going
When you have been battered
On all sides by failure?
We humans must learn
To keep a stiff upper lip.
The challenges of life
Call on us to do so.

Today’s idiom: To keep a stiff upper lip.

Meaning: To endure misfortune with firm courage.

Sentence: As a child, I was taught the necessity to keep a stiff upper lip. That is why I usually look calm when misfortune strikes.

Make your own sentence or sentences with the idiom to keep a stiff upper lip.

To encourage you in your blogging, we will reward you with three ‘likes’ for the sentence you will make.

The more sentences you make, the better chances you have for this idiom to find a place in your functional vocabulary.

Idioms beautify and give power to language and that can keep you ahead of many.

Happy blogging.

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