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House of Fraser to close 31 out of 59 stores

After 169 years of trading House of Fraser is closing 31 stores including the flagship Oxford Street store.  An estimated 6,000 jobs are to go in this severe move to get the finances back into profit and restructuring started.  Other stores on this list are in Darlington, Birmingham and Cardiff.  Customers are disappointed but the CEO Alex Williamson blames “the hostile retail environment” and “a tsunami of challenges over the last 5 to 6 years”.  These have made the past 24 months very difficult as customers are using online shopping sites and not coming to the high street stores to shop.  High rents, increased business rates and rising staff costs are some of the challenges.

Brexit ‘backstop’

There was a great deal of political goings and comings between the Prime Minister the Brexiteers. Speculation about the resignation of David Davis, the Chief negotiator for Brexit was rife.  One to one, face to face meetings went on with a number of her Cabinet like Davis, Johnson and Fox to come to some consensus regarding the Customs arrangements, avoidance of a hard border and setting an expiration date to the transition period.

Firemen of Grenfell Tower Fire come under criticism for ‘stay put policy’

Firemen told the people in the flats to stay put, during the horrendous fire, as per their policy.  However, in one of the reports, an expert has said, that advice should have changed within the first half hour of the incident.  The Police have a criminal investigation on going about this.   Lawyers representing the firemen laid out reasons why this was not possible. For example, the building was not built for simultaneous evacuation, no communication system to get to all residents was available, there was only a single staircase for firemen to carry their breathing apparatus up and access all the other floors.  Another issue to consider was when the firemen arrived they did not know the cladding was of a combustible material.  For a a group of men and women who were also heroic, it is a process of investigation  they have to go through.

Mental health and gang members associated with PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is normally associated with trauma. Soldiers in war and and victims of violence have been successfully treated once PTSD was diagnosed.

Studies in America show the person committing violent acts can also be even more likely to suffer from PTSD.   This area of work is now being explored.  The gangs are always in a tense unpredictable state, just like soldier’s in a war zone, not knowing when the next attack or bullet is coming from.

Inspirational Story

An offer of water from a little girl

The kindness of a little girl got the Oakland firefighters union to post this story.  The fire brigade was called to a burning building and successfully put out the fire.  When they came out, a mother and her liittle girl came running towards them.  They were concerned at what happened, it has been their home.  The firemen wanted to escort the woman to see what she could salvage.  One fireman offered to wait with the little girl.  Both sat on the floor and the girl took her water and offered it to the fireman. It was so unexpected and one small gesture managed to make their work truly worthwhile.


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