SIWO Global News 8th June 2018 #53

Knowledge is Wealth

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G7 meeting in Canada

G7 Leaders meeting began today and ends tomorrow.  This is the 44th G7 meeting, it’s held in La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada.  It is also the 8th time Canada has held the event.  The tarrif and reciprocal tariffs issue began by President Trump to which China,  Canada and the EU countries are trying to negotiate is very high on the agenda.

No one wants a trade war and the serious rift between Trump and the other leaders does not seem to abate.

Costly Hen Parties

As the wedding season is upon us, lots of henn parties have been celebrated.  One invited guest felt the punch of the £2500 bill.  She received an email to one of her best friend’s do.  ‘Sophie’s final fling’ was the title and it made her excited to be going to enjoy 2 for 1 cocktails, dancing on tables and may be seeing a male stripper.  These were usually on the programme.  Then she saw the location was to be Ibiza and the flight, accommodation for four nights and all would come to £1500.  With a year to go they all started to put aside  £100 monthly instalments.  Emails kept coming with new itineraries, each costing up to £50.  Two things seem prominent, the fact that she couldn’t say no to her friend and the importance social media and Instagram played in the decision-making, consequently the total cost.

Even with a salary of £37,000 by the time all her bills and instalment was paid, there was little disposable income. The contribution the hen parties make to the UK economy is £1 Billion.

Mussels and plastic

Scientists have found bits of microscopic plastic in mussels obtained from British waters.  Bits from underwear are the source of the plastic.  Although one scientist said even putting one hundred of these together does not come to the size of a cornflake.  Another wondered if people wanted to eat mussels with underwear in it.

Inspirational Story

It’s good to talk and make someone’s day

When this lady went to the Planet Fitness gym she didn’t know she would make someone’s day.  Working on the treadmill, she began talking to a young man who started to workout next to her.  He had lots of tattoos and she asked him if it was painful to have all these done.

He said it depends on the part of the body where it is done.  She told him that her preference would be one the side of her foot and the words “Walk in faith”.  He said to her that would be really painful.  Their conversation touched on other subjects and then she asked him how long he had been coming to the gym.  He replied, “It’s been three years and you are the first person to talk to me, people are intimidated by my tatoos.”  She thought this was a case of judging a book by the cover.


Content from BBC news.  Sunny Skyz


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  1. Its so easy to judge someone by the first look that we might miss out on a beautiful soul.. I always say that first impression should never be the last impression.. thank u for sharing such a wonderful story..

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