Still to understand marriage

I am still to understand marriage;
What makes marriage so difficult?
Husband and wife have different
And it’s normal to see things
But does that stop them
From living in peace?

Must there be stress always?

Must there be squabbles?

Must they fight?

Must the home turn into a boxing ring?

Do they have to make as people
In opposing camps
Instead of being people
In the same team?
I think many couples exaggerate;
They spend their time competing;
Over what?
For what?
And why?
You see a man and a woman
Who have lived for 3 decades
Quarreling and even fighting;
What a shame!
You see a grand pa
And a grand ma exchanging nasty
What a double shame!
Truly, it is hard to understand;
But I think couples can live
In peace;
They can live in harmony;
They can understand each other;
Bypass differences;
And enjoy life together.
Let us stop exaggerating;
Let us stop giving marriage
Such a bad name;
Marriage is not a bad thing,
Marriage is a sweet thing created
By Almighty God himself
To enable us enjoy together as
Husband and wife.
If you are a husband or a wife
Reading this, pledge that you will
Do your best to live happily and in Harmony with your spouse.

by Romilia

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