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Football is commonly called the King Sport.

Truly, it seems to be the number one crowd puller in the world. Some have even referred to it as the world’s first religion.

Strangely, while some people adore it and swear by it, many others are indifferent.

Tastes are different. It is true, as we say in English, that one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

I do like football, but I am not among those who would die for it. When my country is playing an important match, I become excited and want to see victory come home.

Many times my disappointment has been deep because we lost a crucial match like a world cup match or some other important competition. But I am not going to start a fight with some one because their team has beaten mine. I am not an extremist when it comes to football.

The so much extremism exhibited by lots of football fans, is, to say the least, disgusting to me; and regrettably, we should be ready to see quite much of it in Russia this 2018 World Cup.

Extremism clearly undermines the very purpose of this competition which is to serve as a uniting factor for the world.

While we want our team to win, we must always understand that the other person wants to win as much; and feels equally happy when victory comes. Secondly, today, you may win and tomorrow you may lose and vice versa.

We have to learn to win or lose with honour and dignity – what we commonly refer to as sportsmanship.

The spirit of sportsmanship gives meaning to the World Cup competition; in fact, to all sports competitions. Hence, whether we are Russians, the organisers or fans in or from participating countries, the watch word is sportsmanship.

I would like to hear from you what is your stand when it comes to football. Are you passionate? Passive? Or in between like me?

What do you say about extremism or fanaticism in football?

Thank you for making time to read this. Football offers a good arena for inspiration, and we look forward to helping our community and readers draw inspiration from the various exploits in this domain to excel in their own fields.

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