Since you left me

Since you left me
Something dramatic has happened to me;
I cried when you left;
I felt unloved and abandoned;
And found it hard to stop crying;
But do you know what?
Today, I thank you for leaving;
I cannot thank you enough;
I was in hell with you;
We were both in hell;
Now, I am in heaven;
And I only got there
When you left me;
Since you left me,
I have got closest to God;
I have a deep relationship
With Him;
That gives me joy;
I feel fulfilled;
This is the best thing
That has happened to me;
What a big transformation!
My tears have turned
To laughter;
Imagine the time we wasted
Thinking we had found love
In each other;
Even when started and felt mad about each other,
That was just a scratch of love;
I have found love in my creator;
You need to taste it to know;
Thank you for leaving me,
And making this possible.


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