SIWO Global News 9th June 2018 #54

Knowledge is Wealth

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Social Housing Needs

The need for more social housing is in the hundreds of thousands.  There are a million people on the social housing list.  The housing charity, Shelter has said there is a shortfall of 800,000.  People have been on the waiting list for up to eighteen years.   One man named Freddie was interviewed on television and he felt he was forgotten about even though he visits the housing offices every week to make sure his is still on the list.  His difficulties have been his children not being able to visit him.  Friends put him up on the sofas or He sleeps in the park.  He has to buy  foodstuff daily because there is no space for storage.  It is not an economical way of living.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Housing told the television reported funds will be allocated.  An investment of £9 billion for affordable homes, £2 billion to help councils and housing associations build new housing stock.

Queen’s Official Birthday

Trooping of the Colour is another occas6for pomp and pageantry.  The 92-year old Queen Elizabeth II rode aline in a horse drawn carriage from Buckingham Palace.  Her husband Prince Philip has retired from public life.  All the rest of the Royal Family were in attendance.  The Duke and Duchess of Sussex took their place on the balcony, standing in the background because it is her Majesty’s day.  The RAG fly past was enjoyed by all including the youngsters.

Inspirational Story

A short advice on LOVE

“If you want to be loved then you have to kill your expectations because  expectations are that one thing which  prevents us from holding on to relationships. Expect from your own self that what you can do and what you can give to your family, friends and to society. Without giving, you will get nothing. Make a habit of giving and sharing.”


Content from BBC news.  Sunny Skyz


Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful





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