Don’t you dare try to tell me how to feel! (pt. 1)

Interesting to read.

John Eli Garay

I sat there in her office listening to her as she tried to soften the tone of our conversation. On most occasions she chose to speak in an abrupt and condescending tone. This time it was apparent that she was strategically calculating the use of each word that left her lips. I listened to her, only out of respect for her position. After all, she was my superior and I did not want to compromise the status of my employment at the firm.

The start of our conversation began with my unexpected presence at her office. Prior to our meeting I had made several reports of my concern regarding the behavior of a specific client. The client had progressively become resistant to our plan of treatment and I was worried that his behaviors would escalate beyond our scope of care. As I had predicted, it did, and boy was it…

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