I am happy you know

Happy, I am,
That you know,
I still need you;
But what are you doing
About it?
Do you also know?
What you need to do
To keep me happy?
It is not enough to know
That I still need you;
You need to know
What to do about it;
And do it;
What do you do when you know,
That your baby is hungry?
You feed the child;
Now that you know I still
Need you,
Let me have you;
Make yourself availaible
To me.
Do not continue to keep me
In the cold;
To starve me;
Don’t keep your baby crying
Of hunger,
When there’s breast milk.
Give your baby breast milk.


7 thoughts on “I am happy you know

          1. Being a physician I know How important breast feeding is and how infants are suffering for the lack of it.I think there is a small misunderstanding in my Haha to your comment that breast feeding is forever….It was in a lighter vein.My sincere apologies.


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