It’s good he left you

Do you now understand?

Why darkness came into your life?

To enable you better appreciate

The light.

Do you now understand?

Why he left you?

To liberate you;

And make you find and journey

With people who will motivate you

To bring out the best in you.

Do you now understand?

Why you failed in that project?

Which you so much wanted

To succeed?

The door closed to you,

That you may move to

The right door, and knock it,

And have it opened for you.

The dark days are not meant

To deprive you of light,

But so that the bright days

May be better cherished;

See how prolific you are,

As you pour out your sorrows;

See how much your words touch

And inspire so many,

Because they come

From deep within you,

Moved and lifted up

By your sorrows.

Do you now see how God so much

Loves you?

He wants only the best for you.

And that is what

You have begun to have.

This poem was inspired by my conversation on the web with Lady Lazarus whom I thank immensely for that.


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