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Words from G7 portrays disunity

As Trump walked away from the G7 summit in Canada, sparks of disunity flew about.  The public do not expect their leaders to lead by accusatory and counter-accusatory comments.  However, let us not forget they are human beings only clothed with the title we the voters have given them.

Photographs of the leaders emerged with a portrayal of an obvious power struggle.  Angela Merkel and nearly everyone was on their feet with theur eyes set on Mr Trump, who was sitting down.  Mr Trump later stopped over in France where a war of words between him and Mr Trudeau ensued.  The problem was the tariffs set by Mr Trump were deemed unacceptable to all the other leaders.  Who could or would? retaliate.  But what is the point of destabilising the world markets and economy.

Celebrating 100 years of British women getting the right to vote

Girls and women marched in cities in British Isles to celebrate getting the

vote.  Questions are being asked to assess if more should have been achieved by now.

FIFA World Cup

The World Cup is starting this Thursday.  Safety of the players and the football fans is being taken very seriously.  Friendly games have been played in various countries prior to the start of the Russian games.

Eleven cities in Russian are hosting the games and security  guards are checking everyone and everything thoroughly.  Particular emphasis is put on face recognition to detect terrorist.

Inspirational Story

‘The only woman in the room’ was Beate Sirota Gordon’s autobiography.

I found this small glimpse into the life of Beate interesting. Her remarkable work for Japan and the world post -war despite indirectly suffering it’s prejudices. It is especially poignant   now as we are celebrating 100 years of women voting, anniversaries and demands for equal pay by women/seamstresses of Ford Dagenham, for gender equality on boards of public and private sector organisations, at the workplace and the #METOO movement.  Women want to Lean in (Sheryl Sandberg) but want to do it without being taken advantage of.

Beate was born in Vienna, Austria of Jewish parents, at the age of six she went with them to Tokyo.  Her father was the eminent pianist Leo Sirora.  His new post was at the Imperial Academy of Music at the Setagaya Ward in Tokyo,  where he inspired many young musicians to prominence. When World War II started Leo and Augustine in 1939 sent Beate to America to study at Oakland, California.  In the meantime her parents were ostracized and unable to work moved to Karuizana in the mountains of Nagako Prefecture.

At her reunion, in 1945, with them only her gaunt-looking and undernourished father could come to Tokyo.  Her mother had swollen up from lack of nutrition.  Beate had also returned as a civilian official in Gen. Douglas MacArthur’ s staff.  Her parents moved back to America in 1946 with no hatred towards the individual Japanese but disappointed at their treatment by Japan.  She played a major role in the input necessary for Article 24.

Roger Pulvers wrote that,

This article guarantees the equal rights of husband and wife and that “all laws shall be enacted from the standpoint of individual dignity and the essential equality of the sexes.” 

Article 9 guarantees Japan’s “nonbelligerency” to us today.

And speaking of her role in bringing the cultures of the East and the West together: “Cultural exchange should not be too difficult a task, since all people have so much in common. … We all laugh at humor, we all cry when we are sad, we all want our children to succeed. In other words, we have many similarities to build on, and that was what we had to do.”

  In 10 days Lt. Col L. Kades, Beate’s mentor and a team of 20, some of whom were enemies a few weeks before this, worked hard together to bring about the Constitution for a new and democratic Japan.

Roger Pulvers reviewed a book- Last Train to Yokohama: The Life and Legacy of Beate Sarota Gordon, by Nassrine Azimi, Michel Wasserman and Beate Sarota Gordon.


Content from BBC news.


Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful


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