Stop comparing and competing and envying others

Stop comparing yourself with others;
Stop competing with others;
Don’t envy another;
Go at your own pace;
Run your own race;
There’s no first;
There’s no last;
There’s no loser;
There are only winners;
We all are winners;
You are a winner in your time zone;
Your time zone is you time zone;
Different from every other person’s time zone.
You are a winner in your own way;
Some live to old age;
Some die young;
Some die before they are born;
Where some are starting,
Others are ending;
Obama retired as President at 55;
Trump started as president at 72;
A man became CEO at 25;
Was hailed as the smartest guy in all the world;
But he lost his job at 40;
And died at 50, a wrenched man;
The press described him as
The dumbest person who ever lived;
Another picked up his first job
At 40;
Became CEO at 50;
Rose to the highest office at 60;
And lived up to 90.
A fellow graduated as the valedictorian and was hailed all over the country but ended 25 years later on the payroll of the one who barely clinched a pass.
Don’t compare;
Don’t compete;
Life is not a race;
Life is not a competition;
Life is not only for the swiftest;
The roads are many;
We go at different paces;
And must only arrive at our own time;
No need to compare;
No need to compete;
No reason to compare;
No reason to compete;
Run your own race;
Run nothing but your own race.
You will arrive
When you are due to arrive.


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