Clear the confusion

Very often spouses and lovers are confused about what to do to satisfy the other person.

They get confused about the other person’s expectations.

There are times you think you are doing your best, but the other person will take it very badly.

This leaves you confused and some people even become frustrated and angry.

You may know about the wife who liked boiling ripe plantains to satisfy her husband not knowing the man hated ripe plantains but would not say it fearing to hurt his wife.

Each time ripe plantains were cooked, he was angry but did not say why. His attitude was repulsive and that hurt the woman who felt her work was unappreciated. This usually developed into stress in the relationship.

The problem was solved only when they understood each other’s expectations.

This is what has prompted this post so we see how we can clear some of this confusion.

What I would like us to do is to think of the things that you expect from your spouse or lover. List as many as can come to your mind. Let our spouses be clear about our expectations.

Over to you!

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