Football Fans’ Club 5

Who would you tip as the World Cup 2018 Sensation?

Many are tipping 5-time ballon d’Or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Yet, the fans and supporters of Lionel Messi are not less ambitious. They are hoping their man will outsmart his all-tine rival to carry the day.

But a third school believes this time around it will be neither Ronaldo nor Messi.

A new star is twinkling in the sky. The 25-year old forward for the Egyptian 23-man squad is that new phenomenon.

Mohamed Saleh, who is the star player for Liverpool is being tipped even by Christiano Ronaldo to be the 2018 ballon d’or.

The rising star sustained an injury when he clashed with Sergio Ramos at the UEFA Champion League final with Christian Ronaldo’s Real Madrid.

But being on the Egyptian squad to the world event, is an indication that he is far up back to normal.

A brilliant surprise could spring to overturn expectations.

What ever the case, the three super boys will give a good account of themselves, spellbinding millions of spectators across the world.

Question of the day: who is your pick for the 2018 Ballon d’Or?


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