SIWO Global News 1th June 2018 #56

Knowledge is Wealth

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Trump and Kim Summit

In Singapore  President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un are set to meet at 2 a.m. London time to start their historic discussions.  Both leaders and their teams are already in place on the holiday resort.

Guatemalan still looking for their families near Mount Fuego

With 110 people so far known to have perished in this volcanic eruption, relatives are looking for family members.  Those whose home was on the slopes or around the mountains have not been allowed to go back to search.  They complain that the authorities have not gone to look for survivors since the catastrophic event.  Some relatives made a dash through the security cordone and with help started digging near their homes.  They had to stop as the ash covering everything got too hot.

600 Migrants stuck on boats as Italy and Malta refuse to accept them

Among the migrants rescued from their unsafe boat are over 100 children and many pregnant women.  There is lack of  sufficient food and water for them.  The migrants from Ivory Coast, Guinea and Nigeria make up the full numbers.  Italy says it’s ports are closed to NOG manned boats that have rescued migrants.  It seems those rescued by Italian Coastguards may be allowed in as one BBC reporter explained.  Italy wants other countries in the EU to take the migrants as they have been saddled with this problem.  Spain’s Pedro Sanchez has granted the migrants a place there.

Inspirational Story

The Power of One Prayer

Kay Heitsch shares this miracle story.  At a church youth camp, Kay drove her fellow youth counsellor/leader from thecampsite in Cedar to the hotel.  Not confident of her driving skills and directions they still made it.  However there was the matter parking.  The car park seem to be full and their hotel was the furthest one away.  Her friend said the likelihood of getting a parking space in front of the hotel would be slim.

Kay decided to pray for not one but two parking spaces as she couldn’t park very well.  Her friend, Ruth   thought it a funny request to make to Our Lord God.  When they got near to the hotel, guess what, two parking spaces were just where God had put them. It may be a small or big matter, just remember prayer is the key.


Content from BBC news. Sunny Skyz

SIWO REPORTER: Susanna Dziworshie

Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful



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