Master the English Language

The English language is a formidable weapon that anyone who commands a mastery of it can use to conquer the world.

When I talk of conquering the world, I mean rising to the position of one’s dream; achieving one’s loftiest ambitions.

A good mastery of language can enable one procure a seat in the most impermeable of hearts.

It is a pity, however, that we don’t exert ourselves enough to master this all powerful tool of communication.

At SIWO, we remain committed to our mission of helping our readers especially learners of English to ameliorate their proficiency.

Thus, we give you a new idiom or new word every day. Our idiom for today is:

To get the hang of it.

This idiom means to become familiar with the handling of (a tool) or the working of (a machine); to understand (a situation, scheme, principle, story, etc,).

Example in a sentence:

When I first heard about online shopping, it was hard for me to understand. Now, I have a hang of it. (This means I understand how it works).

Can you make a sentence with the idiom to have a hang of it? Please, make as many sentences as you like so as to have it ingrained in your mind and functional vocabulary.

Do well to leave at least one of your sentences in the comment box.


2 thoughts on “Master the English Language

  1. What A great service to the people who are interested and wish to master the English language! Being an Indian I am proud of speaking the language since it is the only communication channel for our multilinguistic country(India has 22 official languages).Thank you for this initiative.


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