10 Steps to Becoming Wealthy

Read and learn how to become wealthy.

It’s hard to put a number on “wealth” because it’s personal and it depends on many factors, including where you live. Generally, having wealth means not having to worry about being able to pay your bills and knowing a comfortable retirement at a decent age is feasible.

Here are 10 easy steps to help you slowly build wealth — whatever that means to you. Even better, a lot of these tips go hand-in-hand and require little work or maintenance.

1. Diversify your investment


The best long-term investments are low-cost, diversified, and aggressive. You don’t want to waste money by throwing it at unnecessary expense fees or by putting all your eggs in one basket. It is also important to have the right mix of stocks and how much risk you can handle. The absolute worst investment is not having any investment at all.

2. Diversify your source of income



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