Highly educated wives

The story goes of a highly qualified woman who is married to a lowly qualified man and they are living very well.

But other similar marriages have not worked or do not work well.

The common belief is that the highly educated woman with a lowly educated or lowly placed husband, often wants to treat him shabbily especially if she is the principal bread winner for the family.

Many men thus abhor tying the nuptial knot with a woman who is higher than them be it in education or in social status.

Some questions arise:

Is it a wise decision for a man to take as wife someone who is higher than him in education?

Is it wise for a man of low social standing to marry a woman of high standing?

Should a woman look down on her husband because of her higher level of education and position?

Your take on this will be highly appreciated.


5 thoughts on “Highly educated wives

  1. This post is definitely food for thought! I believe that if there is love between the married couple, there will always be respect and mutual understanding, so looking down upon the non bread-winning partner is out of the question…
    Also, being highly qualified doesn’t always mean that the person will do financially well in life. Smartness, good attitude, enterprising and resourcefulness go a long way in guaranteeing success. Some of the most successful people in the world are college or school dropouts. That’s just what I feel.

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