SIWO Global News 12th June 2018 #57

Knowledge is Wealth

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Trump and Kim Jong Un wrap it up

The two leaders wrapped up the historic meeting in Singapore by signing a 4 point document. Some people thought it was a great first step to improve an impossible situation.  Others were of the view that not enough was made clear in the requirements made of Kim Jong Un.  “Unconventional” is the word being used, “we wait and see” is something we are also hearing frequently about.

Network Rail to sell arches

There are nearly 5000 railway arches that are used as business premises.  Network Rail is to sell more than a three quarters of them.  Business owners are very worried they cannot survive as their rents will increase dramatically.  Assurance from Network rail is that instead of passengers paying higher fares to fund improvements to the rail network, they use money raised from the sales of rented properties.

Inspirational Story

Raccoon climbs skyscraper

A raccoon was spotted climbing the UBS skyscraper in the  St Paul’s city, Minnesota.  The 25-storey building was the next place the raccoon jumped to from a nearby two-storey office block.  Since Monday the hearts of the inhabitants of St Paul’s and indeed the world have been with this daredevil raccoon.  All fans looking from either the street level or via social media tweets or videos are wishing safety for this animal.

It’s believed to be going without food and with little to grip on, it has still been going up higher and higher.  Sometimes it takes a rest on a window ledge of the building.  As seen on our digital devices, it uses it as a good time to give itself a grooming session.  This has been captured on camera by the office staff.

To be continued.


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SIWO REPORTER: Susanna Dziworshie

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