SIWO Global News 19th June 2018 #64

Knowledge is Wealth

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Trump makes America Great again by by stepping out of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

President Trump has stepped out of the UNHRC because the organisation has members with diabolical human rights history who are not been flagged up.  He finds it hypocritical that the organisation criticised the current immigrants and their children’s situation.  And also continues to target Israel for human rights violations in Palestine.

Despite many protests from people of all walks of life, as well as from his wife and daughter Trump refuses to let the children join their parents.

1st Anniversary of Finsbury Park Terrorist Attack

A gathering of unity; made up of citizens of all faiths, politicians, the Emergency services, Community groups, religious leaders, worshippers who were at the North London Mosque last year, family and friends, news crews and sympathisers.

The Iman who protected the terrorist until the police came talked of the continued unity, which must be maintained.  The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan spoke too.  The mild and gentle father and grandfather who died was remembered.  Some of the injured who are still healing spoke of their journey since the attack

Selling their organs for a future and to survive

Syrians are escaping from war but on reaching safety, they are financially limited.  Some have now been left with no option but to sell their organs.

Senegal 2  Poland 1 at FIFA Russia

A great and entertaining match where the Senegalese players played in unison and with determination.  Despite discussions about whether one of the goals should have been allowed, the fact remains they scored two goals to win the game.  Their coach, Aliou Cisse, at 42, not onky the youngest coach at FIFA Russia but also the only black coach.  Well Done Senegal! Great Achie


Inspirational Story

A Morrocan quote says

“Manage with bread and butter,

And God will provide the honey.”

(From Morocco to Timbuktu)


Content from BBC news. BBC 2 Documentary.


Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful 

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