SIWO Global News 24th June 2018 # 69

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England wins 6 goals to Panama’s 1

It was with euphoria that celebrations carried on as the goals kept going into the Panama net.  With the captain Harry Kane scoring a hat-trick, J Stone -2 and J Lingard-1.  Panama a goal too.  The best match for an English team for a long time.  They had to get into the last sixteen and they have done themselves and the country proud.

Bomb in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe is attack on President

Bomb exploded near President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe.  At a rally for the forth coming elections, as the President wrapped up his visit an intense sound caused everyone to run for cover.  The President was not hurt but his two deputies were.  Paramedics came to help.

Another explosion another  African  city,  its Addis Ababa.

The capital of Ethiopia is where this occurred at Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s rally.  It was deadly, killing two and injuring over 100 people. The grenade attack comes amid unrest since Mr Ahmed became leader.

Inspirational Story

Psalm 5:12

“For thou, Lord, wilt bless the righteous;  with favour wilt thou compass him about as with a shield.”


Content from BBC news. The Holy Bible- KJV.


Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful


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