My Bride Rests

My Bride Rests cover

A reverently lit room shows no shadows to thoughts of life early Sunday morning. Had I only listened when God spoke many years ago! I am blessed to be invited to a second chance in life. I know I’ve shared this bit of personal history a time or two, but here in the solitude, I just want to yell, “Thank you, Jesus!”

My bride rests, rejuvenating her temple and soul, for in her heart her due-diligence proclaims the spirit we’ve weathered together. I listen to the lining of my adoration for her, and it rises to another dimension. God guided us from one space in time to another warped world of different consequences. Today, I quietly observe our life everlasting, and I know Christ is here in body.

I’m bestowed the gift of sharing the Word, and the greatest gift of all. There’s no greater example to follow than the messages I humbly receive from God. As my bride sleeps, my heart feels God’s blessings who anoints us with miracles.

Somber sounds replenish life as I listen in the quiet. God controls my right thumb while writing this piece on the cell phone. He tells me what to listen to as my subconscious, telepathically, wires into the sounds of His divine messages.

As my beauty rests, I feel His power around the room, healing her of Satan’s distortions. God, our great healer, I pray you guard her heart as rest is the antidote to life’s constant sorrows. And I humbly ask you to take away her past’s heartaches, leaving nothing but joy all the rest of her days.

I listen to the lit-less atmosphere as a cathedral draws a heavenly scenario. Day breaks with another clap of thunder. It is God reminding us of what we both deserve today. Blessings flow in this house of worship, be it one or maybe two; nonetheless, He is with us. Thank you, Father, for Your gift of love.

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