Pick your calls, please.

This is what someone sent to me. It is worth a read by all:


During the burial of a young man, another young man was crying out his heart. He wept so uncontrollably that many people wondered what was wrong with him.

After a while, the MC dropped the microphone and went and took the weeping young man to a corner.

After he had calmed down, the MC asked what the matter was. The man explained that he had been with the guy who had died the day the gentleman met his death.

He said he left from where they were and drove off first. When he got to a certain spot, he noticed that some armed robbers were getting ready to block the road and carry out an operation. He managed to escape and started calling his friend to tell him what he had seen, and to advise him to remain where he was.

This friend would not pick his call, probably asking: “why is he calling?
He should know that I am driving right behind him”. “He refused to pick my call,” lamented the weeping man, “even though I kept calling and calling.

Finally, he drove into the now already armed robbers and they pumped countless bullets on him.
He died on the spot and armed robbers stole his car.”

He man was thus crying in frustration and anger saying his friend had killed himself by refusing to pick his call.

Many of us are just like this man. Someone is calling and you refuse to pick because you feel you are near and don’t want to waste the person’s credit. Are you the one buying the credit for him or her?

Please, pick your call when your phone rings to know why you are being called. If the phone rings twenty times in one minute, pick it all twenty times.

This man wanted to save credit for his friend because, as he must have thought, he was right behind him. See what happened. He met his death.

Many people coming home will not pick the calls of their family member who is calling from home because they are close to the house.

Do you know why the person is calling? Probably, the person is calling to tell you not to come into the house because there is some danger waiting right in there.

You are at an occasion and you are calling someone you are looking at because you want to pass some crucial information across, but the person ignores the call and is walking up to you instead; even when you are making a sign that they should pick the call instead.

This is not correct; and unwise.

It is possible that this caller doesn’t want you to come near him because he wants to code something to you.

Pick your call and even if it is to say hello. In short, PICK YOUR PHONE WHEN IT RINGS AS LONG AS YOU ARE AVAILABLE.


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