Déjà Vu

Deja Vu cover

What perplexing situations are conquering the headlines today! Newsstands are full of lies and deceit, especially on the front pages. The backrooms and tarmacs leave us little confidence, and spies run rampant. I asked God, is there no conscience in the men of betrayal? Looking back at the unconscionable patriots fighting for a cause, I wonder – what is their purpose? Are they doing God’s work, or are their intentions malicious? Did you know that spying goes back as far as the Old Testament? Let’s explore this age-old state of affairs….

Moses was the first person recorded to use someone with the credentials of espionage. The Lord asked him to take one leader from each of their father’s tribes in Paran to go to Canaan and report on the Promised Land and its people. God wanted to give this land to Israel. (Numbers 13:1-20)

The Lord’s second request was asked of Joshua, the son of Nun. He sent two men as spies to Jericho as God was taking over that land as well. Interestingly enough, a harlot, named Rahab, hid them in her home so they would not be discovered during their mission. She was saved, by faith, when the land was conquered by God. (Joshua 6:17)


Now, let’s fast forward to the year 1776 when the colonist’s Continental Army became plagued with British patriots. A group called the Culper Spy Ring, an American intelligence organization, formed to help the English. There was Nathan Hale, Benjamin Tallmadge, Austin Roe, Abraham Woodhull, Robert Townsend, James Armistead Lafayette, and Ann Bates who were the most notable undercover agents of that time. But one of the most famous, and not a gallant soldier, was a well-connected, upper-class lady named Anna Strong. She was a New Yorker, and her husband was a Patriot judge that served as a captain during the war. I believe her acts of espionage was the most shocking and hilarious too. On their farmstead in Long Island, she hung her laundry outside arranged by color. This submitted coded messages to the British regarding the location of documents. Right under her husband’s nose! She was never arrested because she had children.

During President Roosevelt’s term in office, he fully supported a small group of spies consisting of missionaries, priests, and Christian activists. Intertwining religion and patriotic duties often made the best spies!

When I hear expressions of shock at the espionage stories permeating every office in this country, I have to shout – this is nothing is new! Why are you shocked? The Lord put surveillance tactics into play since the beginning of time. The difference between biblical times and today is, for whom did the actions serve? Yesteryears were for the Lord’s purpose; today it is for acts of disloyalty and not the welfare of the majority.
Integrity is a blessing from God. If honesty is not a trait in your possession, then you must look within yourself. Are you a traitor to God? Have you been misled? Are you spying for the good of others, or is it self-serving your conscience?

Gather true knowledge and facts – not hearsay. And as for déjà vu? God’s divine wisdom will judge the side you represent, regardless of which period you lived on earth. Be sure your reason ONLY serves His purpose!

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