Meditation and Sharing no. 3

Greetings beloved in the Lord and welcome once more to more Meditation and Sharing

The Golden Path

What do you do when you humbly and lovingly try to help someone understand a spiritual or moral truth, but your words are rejected?

In Mtt 7:6, 12-14 Gospel reading,Jesus tells us to stop forcing.

When we offer pearls💎 to “pigs”,🐷 they don’t recognize it as a treasure, and since it seems unfitting for their pigsties, they respond in the only way that makes sense to them: they trample on it. ( They gamble with God’s GRACE ) Or if they want to please us, they try to eat the pearls 💎 they choke. Under these circumstances, it’s actually more loving to keep the pearls 💎away from them.

Let’s analyze an incident when you tried to help someone change and that person rejected your advice.

At what point would it have been best to quit trying because you were casting pearls💎 before swine?🐷

We have to become good at discerning when to try and when to quit, and we can only do this well through the help of the Holy Spirit .

Timing is everything, and only God knows when the timing is perfect.

Isn’t this how we like to be treated? Don’t we prefer that others keep their mouths shut when we’re not ready for their advice?

In our Gospel reading today, Jesus gives us the ” Golden Rule” as a sign-post that keeps us on the narrow road (to the “narrow gate”) of unconditional love.

The precursor to this was the ” Silver Rule”, the ancient Jewish maxim that said: ” Do not do to others what you don’t want them doing to you_ ” But this is not love! 💘Enemies can follow the Silver Rule. It takes love to follow the Golden Rule: ” Treat others the way you’d like to be treated_ .”

Care must be taken to note that all the major 28 religious societies/families in the world have got counterfeit versions of the “Golden Rule”; even those which existed before the coming of Christ. Here we are talking about the “Golden Rule” as Jesus Christ taught it.

One of the versions of the Golden Rule goes like this: “Treat others the way you want them to treat you, in order to get them to treat you the same way.” But this is not love💘. This is bribery. 😏Remember, only God is LOVE.

💘LOVE is: “I’ll do a good deed for this jerk who’s irritating me, regardless of how he treats me back, because I care about him more than he deserves .”

💘LOVE is: ” *Why am I arguing with this guy? The way I’d like to be treated is for him to stop fighting with me, so that’s how I’ll treat him. He’s not accepting my pearls of wisdom anyway, so I’ll become quiet for now .”

💘LOVE is: “I’m not getting as much love and attention and concern from my spouse (or adult child or friend or —) as I should, but God gives me all that I need, so I’ll give away the love that I wish I was getting and be satisfied with God alone.”

If we live by the Golden Rule,🌟 as Jesus Christ sees it , we walk in the footsteps of Christ who leads us all the way to the Golden Gate of heaven through the narrow door, the Hard Way the ONLY way (HWOW).

Shalom beloved in the Lord and let us pray:🛐
Beloved Jesus, today I want to ask You for Your Holy Spirit to teach me how to truly LOVE . May Your Holy Spirit’s power touch my heart and empower me to LOVE my neighbors and myself as Jesus taught us. I ask this through the intercession of Your Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Amen.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😇

The author, Edwin Suh Igwacho is the Catechist of Our Lady of Assumption Parish, Bonamoussadi, Dla.


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