SIWO Global News 30th June 2018 #75

Knowledge is Wealth

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Uruguay 2   Portugal 1

France 4      Argentina 3

This is the first time Uruguay has won all the opening four games to reach the quarter finals in 30 years.   Portugal is out.

In seriously played match between France and Argentina, the final score of 4-3 saw France go through to the quarter finals.  Mppape the 19 year old was ‘Man of the Match’ for most viewers.

Maryland shooting sees 5 news employees killed

A man fatally shot 5 news people at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland.Inspirational  He was reported to have previouly had some problems with the newspaper. Past colleagues of those who lost their lives have spoken of the kindness experienced while working there.

Inspirational Story

The Tablecloth

In October a young Pastor and his wife arrived in a Brooklyn church to reopen it.  It was their first ministry post.  The place was dilapidated and needed lots of work.  They were determined to get it ready for the launch, at the Christmas Eve Service. They got busy with repairing pews, replastering walls, painting and cleaning up.  By December 18 it was almost ready, however a storm on the 19th lasted 2 days and destroyed the work leaving a leak in the roof.  This caused the plaster on the wall behind the pulpit to come off leaving a hole.

The Pastor felt he had nothing to do but to postpone the first service, he cleaned up and left to go home.  On his way he noticed a charity sale and went in.  His eye caught a beautiful hand -crocheted tablecloth with a large cross embroidered in the centre.  At 20 feet by 8 feet it was just the right size to cover the hole and he bought it and started back to the church.  As he went, he met an old woman rushing towards a bus which was pulling off.  He invited her to sit the 45 minute wait in the warmth of the church.  As he finished hanging up the tablecloth, the woman who had been silent until then asked where he got the tablecloth from.  She asked him to check for the initials ‘EBG’ which she had embroidered in the right hand corner 35 years ago.  It was the same one she had made and she couldn’t believe it was right before her eyes.

She explained she made it in Austria where she lived with her husband.  They were well -to -do but when the Nazis came her husband urged her to leave and he would follow the week after.  After that, she never saw her husband or her home again.  He was captured and sent to prison.  The Pastor wanted to give it to her but she refused.  He offered to drive her home.  He took her to her home on the other side of Statten Island.

On Christmas Eve it was a great service with a- the pews filled.  The music and the spirit of celebration was felt by all.  Aftee service, one old man continued to sit and stare at the tablecloth.   He too asked where  the Pastor got the tablecloth from and began the story of how his wife had made a similar one 35 years ago in Austria.  He had forced her leave when the Nazis came.  His plan to join her a week later failed and he never saw her again.

The Pastor offered him a drive and took him to see the old lady.  What a surprise What a reunion!  Our Lord God works in mysterious ways. This a true story.


Content from BBC news.


Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful



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