Complex thought

My rhymes are flaming,

Gas chambering,

My voice is soft like Israelian,

Thoughts hits you like a slug to your neck,

I didn’t mean to hit you,

It’s just a reflex,

Put on your gloves and your vest,

Time to protest,

no time to relax,

Viva la revolution for all mexican,

You need to build a wall,

To keep out the americans,

World cup, gives more divided power,

Everybody benefits of soccer players aiming higher,

Iniesta are trying to retire,

But I think he can’t get off it,

Like a successive liar,

Like Napoleaon I am holding it down,

Like Egypt I am combined,

By two forces of the same struggle,

War will never end,

It is the same struggle,

Simplicity is good and all,

But never forget the power,

Of complex thought,



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Hey, my name is Alexander Myrvold. My goal for my blogs is to create fun and uplifting poems that get to your feelings. Also relaxing and motivating stories that hope to inspire.
So be sure to follow me by mail and recieve notice of whenever I post something new! If you have a blog yourself let's follow each-other!

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