My New Redesigned Website.

I am thrilled to announce the redesign of my website Gary’s Writing Corner. This is in preparation for the release of my first novel this fall. For those who have followed my stories on this website, as well as my own there are a couple of changes.

I will continue writing flash fiction and short stories here. My goal is to write at least one story a week, and hopefully two. Our publicity campaign is starting up, and I am waist deep into the second novel of the “Berserker Series.”

My website, “Gary’s Writing Corner” will now contain blog entries as to what is going on in my writing career. For those who have followed my work there, I hope you will continue to follow me. For those who have not followed me before, I invite you to go check things out.

As always, thanks to everyone who has read my work over the past year. We writers would be nothing without readers.


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