SIWO Global News 1st July 2018 #76

Knowledge is Wealth

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Russia has for the first time reached the quarter finals in nearly half a century.  Celebrations are going on in Moscow for having knocked Spain out of the World Cup.  The Score 1-0 to the host country

In the other match of the day Croatia battled with Denmark all the way to the goal shoot out.  After extra time neither team had scored a goal.  Croatia got 3 goals and Denmark 2.

The Fires on the Moorlands

Near Manchester and Bolton fires of burning peat continue.  More support has come from a 100 Army personnel  overnight.  The firemen and soldiers already there keep an on going determination to keep the fire under control.  Helicopters are throwing down water on the peat to quench the smouldering ambers underneath.  It is unbelievable that an arsonist would start  this second fire at Winter Hill, Bolton.  The fire at Saddleworth Moor, near Manchester started spontaneously.

Nye Bevan founder of NHS celebrated in Tredegar

As part of the 70th Birthday celebrations of the National Health Service (NHS)the townspeople of Tredegar had an party.  Nye Bevan the founder of NHS started the idea in Tredegar, he was then the Health Secretary.  Payments will be collected through taxes and anyone needing health care would receive it free at the point of delivery.  He envisaged giving good health care for all and he achieved his aim.  His great nieces were present at the party.

Inspirational Story

Generous Bristol University students

A cleaner who works at the Biomedical Faculty of the University is popular with the students.  He always has a kind word and a smile for everyone.  He encourages them to cheer them up when they are stressed.

When the students heard that he needed money to go on holiday, they collected money for him.  He was so touched by their generosity.


Content from BBC news.


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