Karma cover

Does using the word ‘karma’ help even the score between yourself and someone else? I know I am guilty of saying it, so I learned more about this eastern religious term. Yes, that’s correct! Karma is a Hindu, Buddha, and other non-Christian belief word. Its term does not exist in the Bible. In eastern religions, it is based on reincarnation which, biblically as a Christian, doesn’t exist either. It determines what someone’s next life will be like based on the sins committed here on earth. Therefore, it makes one believe you do not have to rely on God for salvation. The theory is if you make a better effort to change circumstances and mistakes made now, you will be eternally saved after death. The fallacy here is God is in control, and your sins are recorded in His book for review at the second coming of the Lord. Through faith only, our sins are forgiven, and we receive His strength to endure all. So you see, karma has no place in a Christian world.


The two verses above is the correct Christian analogy of karma. Do you wonder there’s little doubt you’ll reap what you sow? The Bible is very clear about the way we should treat others. So many doubt and disrespect the Living Word, and I have to wonder – will they suffer the consequences?

The Bible states some will reap what they sow on judgment day, after death, and not in this world. That’s a hard dose to swallow when you’re treated horribly now, yet unforgiveness thrives like a dormant virus waiting to spread. But with prayer and faith, the Lord promises He will rejuvenate your spirit and make you whole again. Do not doubt God will ever make an exception as to whom will be the bearer of His punishment. Hosea 8:7 clarifies this as “For they sow the wind And they reap the whirlwind.” As a Christian, this should comfort us for God will seek His vengeance.

Our God’s love is almighty, and He always protects the innocent ones. But, for those who prey on others for self-satisfaction, let them be warned that God describes his punishments to sinners in four ways:

Eternal, with no end
Indescribable pain
It will be deserved – just and right

Though the ways of the world may look easier and better, the hurt and damage of God’s fury are incomprehensible and everlasting. From my point of view, I think our Lord’s vengeance is a better choice than karma. So, the next time you catch yourself or someone else mentioning karma, quickly change the thought process to, “You reap what you sow” – that’s the Christian way! Give God the glory.




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