SIWO Global News 2nd July 2018 #77

Knowledge is Wealth

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1st Day of Wimbledon Lawn Tennis

Andy Murray has dropped out of the Lawn Tennis Tournament because he feels, he is still not back to full health after his hip operation.  He played at match at Queens last week and obviously assessed his fitness after that in order to take the decision.

Mexico has AMLO, the new President- elect

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador,  popularly known as AMLO, is President-elect of Mexico, he is the left -wing former Head of Government of Mexico City.  53% of the 89 million citizens voted for him.  He wants to be financially independent of the U.S.

Among the issues AMLO and Trump has to discuss are immigration, The Border wall and Drug traffickers.

Search continues for football team and coach in Thailand caves.

9 boys and their Coach visited local Tham Luang caves in Chang Rai and have since been missing. An international team of divers have answered the call for help.  They joined the engineers, Army diver, medics and volunteers to search for the children.

The caves are flooded and especially with the Monsoon season soon to arrive, time is of the essence.  Pipes are being carried by villagers to the site.  Air is being pumped in through the orange pipes and water is pumped out of the caves via other pipes.  School children throughout the area are praying for them to be found safe and well.

Inspirational Story


If I cannot do great things

I can do small things

In a great way.

Martin Luther King  Jr.



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